A broad range
of applications

Measurement of chemical content and distribution of cells, chemically synthesised drugs and biologics enables a broad range of applications.

This technology is the basis on which AI can be trained to evaluate images for Diagnosis, Cellular Process Analysis, Drug Discovery and Therapy Assessment.

Coherent Raman Imaging meets unmet needs

Coherent Raman Imaging is broadly applicable; wherever its fast, spatially resolved chemical information meets unmet needs.


Semiconductor Industry

For high-speed characterisation of bulk semiconductors & layered materials, e.g. large area screening of graphene.


Environmental & Food

To detect the concentration and size distribution of contaminants e.g. plastic microparticles in water.


Batteries Industry

For in situ and operando studies of degradation processes in batteries thanks to the combination of chemical sensitivity and rapid imaging capabilities.


Academic Research

Targeting photonics instrumentation researchers in physics and biology departments, collaborating with biologists and clinicians focused on gaining insights into the cellular processes underpinning disease.

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The applications of this technology currently have a Total Addressable Market in excess of USD 6 bio. with CAGR above 11%.

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Statements about future products represent management intentions, but are not to be considered commitments to any specific clinical or non-clinical capability or performance targets.