CHAMP (multiCHannel lock-in AMPlifier spectrometer) is an optical spectrometer based on CRI proprietary multi-channel lock-in technology, ensuring extremely low electronic noise levels, high spectral resolution and short integration time. It has been designed to detect tiny variations, as small as one part over 10 millions, in few microseconds. A unique solution on the market for pixel-wise broad vibrational spectra reconstruction at megahertz modulation frequencies.


A scalable multi-channel detection system for broadband SRS microscopy

An innovative platform developed for sensitive modulation-transfer measurements, engineered to be easily integrated in research microscope structures. CHAMP is based on a modular architecture, simplifying detector’s channels scale up and data transfer to the computer. Thanks to the wide input shot-noise limited dynamic range of 22 dB, with just 25 uW optical power per channel it is possible to reach already the ultimate noise limit and thus the highest SNR.


  • 38 spectral channels and independent lock-in amplifiers in a compact footprint.
  • Real-time average power and demodulated signal extraction in parallel on every channel.
  • Designed for CH-stretching detection from 2800 cm-1 to 3100 cm-1 in a single shot, with better than 9 cm-1 spectral resolution*.
  • Integration time down to 1 us and channel-independent demodulation phase setting.
  • USB 3.0 connection for fast data transfer to the PC.

*measured around 1030 nm using STRALE laser system 



Frequency Range

1 - 10 MHz


< 20 pW/√Hz


38-channel Si array

Filter time constant

0.5 μs

Vertical resolution

16 bit

Max. input power

5 mW/ch

Spectral resolution

< 9 cm-1


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