STRALE: Stimulated Raman  Laser

Our laser source has been designed to exploit the full potential of broadband stimulated Raman scattering in all its applications without compromises. It is able to excite all the CH stretching region simultaneously, with no need of time-consuming sequential tuning of the emitted wavelength, while preserving a high spectral resolution.


Dual-output synchronized fiber laser enabled by a graphene / carbon-nanotube component.

Our innovative system brings leading edge technology enabled by the combination of a patented laser geometry for passive synchronization of multiple oscillators together with the unique properties of graphene/carbon nanotubes. The laser device has been designed together with a dedicated multichannel detector which can be sold either as an add-on together with the laser source or as a standalone system. 

STRALE specifications

An ultrafast system that produces two synchronised laser beams

  • Wide spectral coverage ranging from 2800 cm-1 to 3100 cm-1  in a single shot, paving the way towards real-time comprehensive chemical mapping.
  • Patented dual-cavity self-synchronization technology which enables long-term femtosecond-scale jitter and the shot-noise limited performances (unique in the field of fiber lasers), ensuring microsecond pixel dwell times even at low average powers, allowing fast, non-destructive long-lasting time lapse experiments on live biological samples.



Central WL

791 nm

1030 nm


≤ 1 nm

≥ 30 nm


> 45 mW


> 200 mW



> 4.5 nJ

> 10 nJ

Pulse width [ps]

< 2 ps

0.1 – 1 ps

Synchronised laser beams
    • Picosecond/femtosecond dual pulse duration at the output which allows direct access to a wide variety of non-linear optical microscopy techniques, such as TPEF, SHG and pump-probe. 


    • Compactness and day-by-day stable and reproducible operation granted by an environmentally insensitive all-fiber architecture.
    • Plug-and-play format which makes the system ready to perform SRS directly after the laser installation without the need of any beam conditioning.


    Accessible to all

    STRALE simplified laser architecture is low-cost and turn-key allowing coherent Raman scattering signals to be generated by anyone in the biomedical environment. The technology enables generation of real-time images of  tissues and analysis of the chemical signature across the whole biological sample.

    Our STRALE system is easier to use and less bulky than the solid-state lasers used in the currently available Coherent Raman scattering spectroscopy systems

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