AI supported precision medicine

CRI’s mission is to provide clinically actionable knowledge of disease processes, diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic response from cell and tissue samples. Our target is an AI supported Chemometric Pathology System – for location of cells in patient samples using quantitative and spatially resolved spectroscopic analysis of fresh tissue, replacing subjective diagnosis of samples by Histopathologists. This technology will identify and characterise tumours with high sensitivity, specificity and staging.

coherent raman platform

Digital imaging and the origin of disease

On the way to this we will launch the Coherent Raman Platform – a leading-edge digital imaging platform for Scientific and Commercial Researchers who are investigating the cellular processes underpinning disease or optimising therapies.

AI and health

Improving treatment
with chemometric data

In 2019, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) identified 10 of the cutting-edge emerging technologies most likely to revolutionise healthcare over the next decade. Our Platform delivers high performance cellular process analyses relevant to 4 of the 10 NIH areas. This technology offers a route to understand the origins of disease and diagnosis of disease. With access to large scale data then AI programmes will lead to a library of ‘best treatments’ based on chemometric data (or precision medicine), something that may not be possible with imaging of stained tissue.

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